Hearing Restored, Naturally

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Hearing Restored, Naturally

I walked into my treatment room and there sat an elderly lady, looking down at the clipboard on her lap, filling out some entrance forms.

I said “Hello!” but there was no response.

I said “Hello!” louder and then she looked up at me with a slight smile. I noticed she had a hearing aid in each ear.

After shaking her hand and introducing myself, I proceeded to interview her, writing down her name Agnes, her age – 78, her health history and the chief health complaint which was general neck pain and stiffness. She explained that the pain had a gradual onset over the past several years, was not due to any particular trauma or injury, and that she had tried physical therapy and medication to no avail. I had to nearly shout my questions because of her hearing impairment.

I next performed an examination and x-ray, noting her restricted range of neck movement, muscular spasm, fixation of joint movement, and arthritic degeneration of the discs in her neck. I then positioned Agnes carefully on my treatment table and performed an adjustment to her seventh cervical vertebra.

Sending her home, I shouted “Come back in 2 days for a follow-up visit.”

2 days later, expecting to see Agnes, I walked in to my treatment room but this time she was standing, and the first thing I noticed was her extended arm with a clenched fist! I got scared!

Looking up, I next noticed tears in her eyes. My melancholic nature immediately got me wondering if I did something to hurt her.

Agnes slowly opened her fist to reveal the 2 hearing aids I noticed her wearing on the prior visit. She said “Doctor, ever since you adjusted my neck 2 days ago, I don’t need these anymore!”

I was awestruck! I’d learned in my Chiropractic training that the chiropractic profession began when a Doctor David Palmer, adjusted the neck of a man named Harvey Lillard in 1895, alleviating his deafness.

She went on to explain with glee that her hearing had been slowly diminishing for several years, and that she had recently been given the most powerful hearing aids available, but that soon after her adjustment, she began noticing that the hearing aids were too loud and bothersome. Upon talking them out, she noticed near perfect hearing.

Withholding as much of my excitement as I could, I explained that there are some delicate nerves called trophic nerves that exit the spine in the area I adjusted, and that these nerves join the main auditory nerve for hearing.

“Those trophic nerves were likely pinched and contributing to your hearing problem, and adjustments un -pinch nerves.” I surmised.

Agnes hugged me and thanked me as we both wept with joy, and then we both laughed when she said her neck was not any better.

She continued receiving chiropractic adjustments and over several weeks had relief for her neck also.

Appreciating that periodic chiropractic adjustments can help maintain health, Agnes decided to continue receiving care from me about once per month. She stayed my patient for another 12 years. The first thing I always did when I walked in to see Agnes was to look at her ears. Those hearing aids were never there again.

I advise anyone with a hearing impediment to consider a chiropractic exam.

– Dr. Tom Potisk, The Down to Earth Doctor, Whole Health Healing

About the Author:  Dr. Tom Potisk, AKA the “Down to Earth Doctor” has been a holistic family doctor for 30 years. He is the author of  Whole Health Healing: The Budget Friendly Natural Wellness Bible for All Ages. The book, and several free holistic health tips are available on his website.


  1. bob fox February 8, 2013 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Your article has made me decide to make an appointment with my doctor. I will let you know the results.

    • fizzniche February 11, 2013 at 2:32 pm - Reply

      Great! Good luck and keep us posted!

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