How to Fight the Flu

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How to Fight the Flu

We constantly hear about the strain of flu that’s traveling between us this time of year. What if we could give our immune systems a boost to avoid bringing that dreadful bug home to our family? We can! Learn what flu-fighting berry is available at your local health food store!

The Flu Fighting Berry

When it comes to our health we all know that eating strawberries, blueberries & raspberries help keep us well, but did you know that one berry can fight the flu? Elderberries have been proven to fight 16 strains of the flu! To ingest this healing berry all you need to do is brew it as a tea.

First get dried elderberry (you can find pre-filled tea bags at your local health food store) & place 4-6 tea bags into a pot of 4 cups of cold water then bring to a boil. This method is called a decoction, which is the method used when making tea out of berries, roots, barks or stems of plants. Once the water has boiled, let the elderberries steep for 10 minutes. Next pour the contents into a gallon sized container & fill the rest of the container with cold water (for storage in the fridge.) Sweeten with honey or stevia.

You now have plenty of elderberry tea on hand to drink throughout the day until the flu subsides.

Happy Healing!

~Cindy L. Whitley CMH, LMT, Master Herbalist/Owner/Educator, Natural Healing Workshops


About the Author: Cindy Whitley has been a practitioner of alternative medicine for twenty years. Three years ago, she opened Natural Healing Workshops as a way to get the message out about the wonderful healing properties of plants & how to properly prepare them. Natural Healing Workshops is a proud member of the American Holistic Health Association. For more information on natural remedies visit

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    Isn’t it great that nature provides us with the preventative measures we need to boost our immune system rather than injecting chemicals that can cause the flu or other inflammatory reactions?

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