Kitchen Remedies for the Cold and Flu

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Kitchen Remedies for the Cold and Flu

Cold and flu bugs sneak up on us out of the blue.  What if we had remedies available as close as our own kitchen?  Our guest blogger, Jacqueline Keller, has provided us with a few natural cold and flu remedies.  Learn how to heal from the inside out with foods provided by mother nature.

Home Cures in Your Kitchen Cabinet

Feel a cold coming on? Quick get out the onions and the chili peppers!

Yep – you read it right. Chili-lovers have long asserted that hot peppers, from serranos to jalapenos, are the ultimate decongestant. And doctors agree, since capsaicin is similar to a medication used in OTC preparations.

And for those of you who love onions, how about onion syrup for that cough? Cook them down with some honey and “bottoms up”! Just be sure to have the mouthwash handy…

~Jacqueline Keller, Founding Director, Executive Chef, NutriFit


About the Author: Jackie is the Executive Chef and one of the Founding Directors of Los Angeles’ top healthy food company, NutriFit. Established in 1987, NutriFit has been at the forefront of the home meal delivery industry since it’s inception. Additionally, Jackie is a Board Certified Professional Health & Wellness Coach, a published author (Body After Baby, Avery/Penguin) and an avid member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.

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